The Absurd Parkour Routine Behind an Olympian’s Wins

January 20, 2020 Manuel 0

When you’ve been winning snowboarding competitions since age 13, you need to keep things interesting to keep progressing. For Canadian snowboarder Sébastien Toutant, the first-ever Olympic gold medalist in men’s big air, that means upleveling […]


8 Predictions for the Future of Fashion

January 18, 2020 Manuel 0

“I think we should roar more,” proclaimed Paris-based creative director and stylist Catherine Baba. Given that we’re in the ’20s once again, and judging by the countless 1920s-themed New Year’s Eve parties documented on Instagram […]


Books for People Who Love Maps

January 17, 2020 Manuel 0

Brilliant Maps for Curious Minds By Ian Wright ELEVATOR PITCH: Maps can tell you far more than where borders and beaches are located. This book’s illustrations, drawn from Ian Wright’s popular website, use creative […]


The Best and Worst U.S. Airlines of 2019

January 16, 2020 Manuel 0

Flight cancellations increased. So did long delays, bumping ticketed passengers and consumer complaints. Overall, 2019 was a frustrating year for many U.S. travelers. But the travel pain wasn’t evenly distributed. Delta excelled and finished at […]


All Hail the Checker in Her Driveway

January 15, 2020 Manuel 0

Kay and Dave Phillips with their 1975 Checker Marathon. Ms. Phillips thought her husband was crazy when he bought her a car from the Checker cab company. It became, in her words, ‘the most fun […]


My 100 Love Letters to My Dying Father

January 12, 2020 Manuel 0

Two days before Christmas, my father told me he was thinking about shooting himself. It was the winter of 2014, and we were alone in his guesthouse in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I remember the […]